If you are reading than give yourself a pat on back, you have chosen to be master of your finances.  Life or Investment we should always know three fold answers to Why we are doing it ,  What are we doing  and How are we doing
At Tankrich we have spent considerable amount to time to understand Why investments are necessary, What are these investments, Today we are gone to discuss the most pertinent question that remains unanswered how to invest.
With this question in mind lets go to trGURU  our in house investment Zen
trGURU   : An individual investor can invest in predominantly in three ways  –  Trying to time market (TTM) , My Price Investment (MPI)  and Systematic investment plan (SIP) . All three are unique approaches. Let me tell you about them
TTM – While trying to time market an individual predicts when markets will go low and when will it go up. They buy low and sell high. “But isn’t that almost impossible” ?  Yes it is, it entails years of effort to understand market dynamics and then years to successful implement it. Most of the individual investors who try this strategy end up on streets.( Refer to preview post for sample)  Stock market is a place where billionaires becomes millionaires very fast.  TTM is time tested, sure shot strategy to become millionaire 😉
MPI – The investor waits for stock price to come in certain pre-defined range and then buys, this strategy works well and demands patience – A rare commodity in the modern world. A slight pitfall in this strategy is sometimes we may miss out on good investments if our price range never comes.
SIP – The Investor buys equal amount of stocks systematically ignoring market conditions at pre-defined intervals irrespective of stock price. At outset this doesn’t sound to work, but beneath lies the hugely successful dollar cost averaging principle  , the longer we invest the more bountiful returns becomes.  Retail investors should stick to this method of investment because we lack expertise to follow TTM or patience to follow MPI.
There are so much written in investment arena on SIP I don’t want to repeat here
  1.  SIP is best
  2.  Comparative analysis
  3.  Mutual fund SIP
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