Here is a simple guide to Investments – One page flyer – yes you got it right – A one page Investment guide. Why one pager?
A.      As most of complex things in life are actually simple 🙂
B.      I doubt if had put 15 pages voluminous summary anyone bother to read … Whaap!!
Here you go > the below  process is how a normal investor should add an equity stock to his kitty – with help of a 10 point check list.
10 point
10 point checklist helps to identify a stock and add it to our qualifying list, now what is a qualifying list ? it is a list of securities identified which have potential to become investments after due diligence. You would also notice that there are three distinct color codes to boxes – I call them the golden rules of  Investment trinity  >>>> A-A-A
Attain – During the course of orange boxes the investor should attain knowledge both on self and on markets. Often investment and wealth creation is highly correlated to attaining right knowledge
Await – Investor has to await for correct market price. No stock is good at bad price. Remember the adage we don’t buy good stocks we buy good stocks at good prices
Abandon – If answer is no for any questions in blue boxes than Investor should discard case and move on to unearth new opportunity
Keep this mind map handy before you invest next time, till than
Happy Investing  🙂
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