I had recently laid my hands on this fantastic book by Tim Ferriss.  Although written in 2006 it is still relevant in today’s times .

I would not like to discuss each and every  tricks,tools  & ideas which he has shared in his book, however I would like share what is the best I learned from this book. Without further Adieu here we go:-

  1. The timing is never right – Quoting from book “I once asked my mom how she decided when to have her first child, little oP me. The answer was simple: “It was something we
    wanted, and we decided there was no point in putting it off. The
    timing is never right to have a baby.” And so it is. Life is a glorious journey of uncertainties, there will be in doubts , questions & confusions  in whatever we want to pursue. There is no joy in putting off something which you always wanted to do because unless you do it the timing will never be right. Consider what is stopping you  financially, emotionally, and physically ? and then take it head on
  2. Stop being busy – There are deadlines to meet in jobs, commitments to fulfill in life. But aren’t we using busyness as an excuse too often.  Deep down inside we know that this is a mere illusion and since everyone is using it, it becomes reality. Stop being busy – get out & do what you want, after all it is you who is missing out.
  3. Like people who exert you –  Tough bosses, Bad ass friends , pushy team mates are all good for us because eventually all of them  stretch us to our potential. These people will constantly challenge to get best out of you, Love and embrace them.
  4. Don’t re-invent wheel – Given that there are 7 billion plus people in world, there may be ten thousand others facing similar problem. When faced with an issue always ask, has anyone else also gone through this ? Is there a ready-made solution available ? this approach will help in skipping the process of reinventing the wheel and make us  good at mining information. – This for me is the most important skill in 21st century.
  5. Unachievable is achievable  – Tim says “It’s lonely at the top. Ninety-nine percent of people in the world are convinced they are incapable of achieving great things, so they
    aim for the mediocre “ How often we have said this is not my cup of tea, what if it indeed is your cup of tea, why not just drink and see if it is your cup of tea?  There is no harm in believing that things are achievable (because they are achievable) all you need to do is start. Bigger the goal with Bigger enthusiasm helps in having Bigger endurance.
  6.   Be Minimalist –  Instead of thinking what you can do , understand what you can avoid doing and still maintain your productivity. Tim has shared loads of good ideas in his book, some of which are –
    • Try to be effective rather being efficient, which will help in moving closer to your goals,
    • Understand those 20 percent things that make you 80 percent effective. Let Pareto 80-20 rule help you prioritize your work ,
    • Most importantly know that time is wasted because there is so much of it, so be generous with your money but be strict with your time.
  7. Do not multitask  –  The author clearly mentions If you prioritize properly, there is no need to multitask. It is a symptom of “task creep”—doing more to feel productive while actually accomplishing less
    I will like to add by saying when at work disable all notifications on smart phones or tablets which will increase your focus on work. I am sure this single trick will double your productivity.
  8. Don’t be an information obese – Be selective about information & thoughts you consume just like the way you select your food. Unlike our stomach which has well functioning liver to help us digest different kinds of foods, our brain is on its own and it can wander very easily, Understand what you need and only consume that information.,you don’t need  to know everything e.g. why some sneezed in remote area of Paraguay.
  9. Learn the art of saying No – If there is only one thing you want to get out of this book straight away read this section.  Practice saying no to everything that is time wasting or time consuming without adding value to the task at hand. We should not engage and encourage people to chitchat. Request them to the come to the point. This might make few enemies but  eventually everyone will understand that you respect time.

I could go on and on as there are numerous tricks that he has shared with readers which are practical and easy to implement in our daily lives . Visit his site for more amazing stuff

Did you learn something else from this book ? Are there some other book which had great insights for you ?

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