Fire your boss, Do what you love and work better to live more

This is how Chris Guillebeau starts his best seller $100 dollar start up–  what follows is 274 pages of biblical material for all aspiring micro business owners.

What is a micro business ? – a business that can be started with $100 or less in pocket and you definitely don’t need to be an MBA. The book is laced with examples of 50 ordinary men and women who made it with $100 or less.

It is another self help manual to become rich ? – No . This book is a blue print to build on dream that you always had – quitting the 9-5 circle to live and earn with freedom. Stories of ordinary folks on how personal freedom lies in pursuit of value for others.

The books kicks off with a lesson on convergence, often heard the idiom make passion your work however we have to understand that not everything that we are passionate about or skilled at, is interesting to the rest of the world. Like I am passionate about reading, but would anyone pay me for reading – I would be glad if they did 😉 Secondly not everything is marketable. We need to find the delicate balance between something which is not only our passion but ensure that it relates to others and we get paid for it.

It then goes about giving practical tips to find ideas and then demonstrates how some ordinary  people have been able to build value around those ideas to create successful product and services. If I had to quote one box which I loved most from book it would be ” What people really want”

$100 Start upWhenever you design your business, please keep this table handy and articulate how your product or service is going to do more or less of this for your customer.

I also really liked the way author has defined the new demographic parameters against traditional demographics parameters like age, gender , etc. You can choose to market your product or service based on new demographics parameters of beliefs,interests and passion of your customers.

What would you prefer targeting “a specific age group” or people who share “same passion” as yours ?

Ideas are of no use until put them to execution, the key difference between micro business and traditional business is that they can be executed quickly, you can start and the plan can follow later. The key message which author has tried setting in this section of book is “plan as you go” and then innovate on your way

The book has dedicated sections providing tool kits on

– Creating offer

– Launching

– Promoting

– Moving up the value chain

I could go on and on about the stuff in the book, but it’s best that I stop and you read this is inspiring tale of 50 ordinary folks who made way to their freedom with $100 or less.

So what are you waiting for

Go Get it!

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