This weekly digest – Read, Note, Learn

Let us start with a blog which is full of wisdom tenets. I accidentally landed up on this blog and I am already a fan. Seeking Wisdom is an attempt by Jana V to master the best of what other people have already figured out. You will find lucid writings on analysis of Indian companies (the reason I landed up there) , Mathematics, Biology, Mental models also prominently feature as topics on this blog. My personal favorites were

Sell Winners – Hold Losers

How to lie with statistics

Working Backwards


We’ve all heard great note-taking skills are a huge benefit to learning and being organized, but what exactly is the science behind it? Course Hero breaks down the science of note-taking from real research studies and proven methods to give you the low-down on writing it down. To top that it is presented as Infographic.  My most important take away was physical writing activates engages your brain and not typing. Get the entire Infograph here


Some of our model portfolio picks have been high PE buys. PE is one criteria but should not be sole criteria for stock selection.

Paying up for  quality businesses, but not overpaying for them, should work out very well for long-term value investors. So, please stop associating value investing with low P/E multiples. Just like Buffett did.

The article is authored by one of the foremost value investor in India, Prof Sanjay Bakshi. He has clearly articulated how an average investor would have made handsome return even by paying 68 PE for Asian paints in 1992. Reason ? – the return did not come from multiple expansion. Instead, it must have come from earnings growth and indeed it did. The article helps in dissipating myth that double digit PE investments are a no no for a value investor. Read the entire outlook article here