Beloved readers,

Presenting the first tool from Tankrich – Benjamin Graham stock value calculator.

Here is the story….

Circa 2010

Five classmates decided to put Benjamin Graham’s teaching into  mathematical calculation to understand if a stock is overvalued or undervalued for their class presentation in MBA . What followed was days of research and a collaborative effort to come with a simplified model which is easy to use and understand.

We did it – 10/10 on presentation and a pat on back  from one of the most loved professors at school for bringing theory into practice.

Circa 2014

Retail investors don’t often get exposed to time less  principles of Benjamin Graham, so I thought why not use my class project and turn that into a online stock value calculator. Some of the key features of this calculator

– Easy to Use

– Input information is very widely available for the stock that you want to value

– Gives you value of stock based on sales & ROI as well

I have tried to make it as interactive as possible so that literally anyone can use it. Give a shot!!

If you are new to the terminology that has to be used as input in calculator use help document available here

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