After sometime I have read a book which has oodles of wisdom on each of its page, Laurence Endersen’s pebbles of perception lives with you long after it is read

The book is an all encompasses covering wide variety of topics like choice, Self-esteem, building character, parenting, saving ,investing and living life among many others

I will try to bring out things which I learned

Be Curious


ABC: Always Be Curious

Strive to ask right questions

Stay curious. Improve the quality of questions before getting to work on answers. Use more questions to see beyond the obvious answers. Improve group dynamics by ensuring there is enough attention given to asking the right questions. Be interested.

Curiosity will lead to better questions which in turn will lead to better answers

If we search for better questions, ultimately to lead to a better answer,

Provocation is mother of invention

In the world of chemistry provocation is used to force compounds to work in different ways. The same principle can be used with thinking

 Learn Learn Learn


Learning is a continuum from ignore to mastery



and most of us are happy to stay at operational competence because we can survive with operational competence, Only few keep pushing the envelope and they are ones who attain mastery

Choosing lifelong learning is one of the few good choices that can make a big difference in our lives, giving us an enormous advantage when practised over a long period of time

How to learn a topic well ?

The best to way to learn is to teach

A great way to learn is to teach. You identify gaps in your knowledge very quickly when trying to explain something to someone else in simple terms

Learning is the most powerful tool in our armery

If you want to achieve anything in this life all you need is a clock on the leaning tower of Pisa” – The time and the inclination

Get out of your comfort zone


Nothing great was achieved by being mediocre

The most comfortable place an animal can be is in the middle of the herd. It feels safe and warm there. But when you think about it you realise that the view from the middle of the herd is not especially inviting.

Stepping out of our comfort zone means we will fail but we need to embrace failure to grow

“How will you ever be polished, if you are irritated by every rub?”

Don’t derive your self-esteem by things you own


This is not to suggest that we don’t look to develop skills, make friends or even accumulate things. They all have their place; we just need to ensure we don’t derive our sense of self from them.

Do something that you love


Sometimes for many of us this is difficult

Simply don’t compromise on this. I appreciate that life’s necessities have a nasty habit of getting in the way at times. We frequently need to work just to pay the bills.


When this is the case then at least try to work in an area that moves you towards working at what you enjoy. It will be easier knowing that you are moving in the right direction

One of best advice I found was to move from doing footwork to headwork

Footwork – capped wages our earning is determined by numbers of hours we spend on job vis a vis headwork – which moves us to direction of taking share in value from our employees or otherwise

Make focus a top priority in your life


POP-6We life in information age where facts are not going to give the edge

Facts are easily found. Having a head full of facts is no longer a differentiator when facts have become commoditised


If you ask anyone about their success, focus will likely have been a key feature.

Think Long term

We overvalue the present and undervalue the far future. There is some logic to this, as we may not survive to see the distant future.

Be at peace

Life is not a struggle it a gift from god so live fully

An underappreciated aspect of life is that rewards received are not directly proportional to effort expended. Understanding that principle early in life will make a meaningful difference to your quality of life.

There are many more tough to capture them all in one post, grab the book. I am sure it will open many doors for you