La Opala is one of the prominent kitchen utensils (tableware) companies in India, The Company’s brands comprise La Opala, Diva and Solitaire. Solitaire is directed at the high-end segment, Diva caters to the mid-end while the La Opala brand addresses the first-time requirements
They are engaged in the manufacture and marketing of opal glass tableware and 24%-lead crystalware products. Their opal glassware portfolio comprises plates, bowls, dinner sets, coffee mugs, tea sets, soup sets and dessert sets. Their crystalware portfolio comprises barware,vases, bowls and stemware. They introduced the heat-resistant borosilicate range of cookware during the fiscal gone by (Outsourced)
The company had another good year in terms of numbers
Sales, Profit and CFO all went up


Key developments during the year

  • Equity dilution via qualified institutional placement to generate about INR 55 Cr (~11 million USD)
  • The addition of tea and coffee range products to broaden glassware portfolio
  • Start of importing of glassware and then selling them with a mark up

La Opala strengthened its business model around asset lightness when it selected to import a borosilicate cookware range for onward sale in India. This opens the Company to an attractive opportunity, whereby it may select to plug product gaps in the country through prudent import and sales arrangement without making expensive corresponding investments in manufacturing facilities

This outsourcing model enhances the attractiveness of the Company’s Balance Sheet in what is otherwise a capital-intensive business

Before we begin to dig deep into each of the above developments, another key monitoring item for me is the advertisement spent . This year as well the company spent heavily on advertising and publicity


even with such increase PAT margins increased

I am always wary of companies diluting equity and then throwing away that cash. let see if this was case at La opala

Generally with spare cash, you would

  • Expand (Capex or acquisition)
  • Invest in operations (Working capital)
  • Repay debt

The management decided prudently to reduce some debt


There was not a significant investment in working capital as well


Most of funds generated along with surplus cash from operations have been parked in current investment in mutual funds


This is will be a key watch item for us next year on how company is deploying this excess cash

One thing which stood in PL was increase in other expense


The reason was steep increase in advertising expense and in repairs to machinery – We need to monitor if this one time or would be ongoing


Overall the company is growing at a fast clip with huge runway in front of it, We will see how the Jockey rides the horse !

The company has about 30 pages in AR with theme BRAND AT WORK

For Fun I leave with you some high grandiose verbose non sense in AR

Spot the contradiction between A & B – Share in comments


The contextual landscape is always the most important index by which the performance of a Company needs to be judged. In our case, the industry scenario was as discouraging as the prevailing consumer sentiment. This subsequently affected residential apartment offtake across the country


People are opting for a better quality of tableware because there is a greater need to enhance the quality of one’s lifestyle, a greater need to bring world-class practices home and a greater need to inculcate hygienic eating habits. And best of all, all this comes at a fraction of most other home building and decoration costs

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