Who am I ?

I am a retail investor in Indian equity market, before starting Tankrich I used to literally boombard my friends and relatives with stock market ideas. Then one night in late 2012 the blogging bug bite me and I started Tankrich to share my journey on investing

Big fan of Peter Lynch , Howars Marks, Prof Sanjay Bakshi and in awe of Warren Buffet



What is Tankrich ?

Tankrich is an initiative with a firm belief that small is big and as a retail investors with right temperament & analysis we can outpace market and create long term wealth.

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Happy Investing

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Extremely nice analysis. This is one of most high quality blog in the Indian Stock Market universe ~ Sabyasmsachi


Respected Sir,
I am
Newbie and your article gave me an opportunity how to start investing. Thank Sir once again

Mahesh Vakharia
Your blog is a real eye opener to some really good concepts, explained in a simplified manner


Very nicely written and very detailed analysis. I must say , your blog is a surprisingly well written and informative ones than 90% of Indian investment blogs

Nishanth Muralidhar


Have been reading your blog lately. Has been a great source of information and knowledge. This particular post is aptly timed too as a lot of us are suffering from hindsight bias because of the tremendous bull run of last year. Almost everyone (including you, Im sure) missed quite a few multi-baggers while having pocketed a few. Instead of feeling bad about them, do you believe it makes sense to start doing an SIP in our chosen stocks (Some of which have reached obscene valuations)

Abhishek Dey
Superb analysis Vivek.

Kiran D

An excellent post, thanks very much!
I just have a suggestion – it would be a better learning experience if you classify companies among the four stacks in your newsletter. Also we can start a post reviewing all the three criteria’s – Management, Business and Valuation.


As always your post gives me areas which i need to look into companies whenever i evaluate them. The cost of the tool might be more but the data it provides is definitely worth it.



Thanks for giving very out of box thinking ideas to a novice like me .Hats off to you man

sanjeev jain


Nice method. Thanks for sharing.

Jyotirmoy Sharma


Excellent articles just stumbled upon reading your blogs, Just came across your tweet about floats & moat tagging sanjay baskhi Sir and started reading your posts from yesterday. Good Job..

I look forward tomany such posts. So much info and thanks a lot for sharing!

Milind Paradkar


Thanks for writing this wonderful post, Great to learn & see the application of “Its the earnings that count” model.

Dear Sir

good one sir god bless

It’s new dimension for me. Great explanation.



beautyyyy man…wtaa an analysis…for beginners like me..its rellyy helpful.