Weekly digest – Invest differently, challenge your thoughts

Today’s first article talks about investing beyond stock markets, there are usual suspects like real estate, art and bullion. However what you will find interesting is that people invest in wine, peer to peer lending. To top it off the last option talks about investing in yourself

Something that I try to remind my clients is that they are their own best assets. You can always do something to improve your skills, your efficiency, your education, your time management, or your prestige within your field.

read the all “9 Ways to Invest without putting money into the Stock Market” here


Drake Baer answers , “What can we do today to help out our future selves in 2019?”

Good habits go a long way to improve our well being. Drake has put forward very easy to pick up habits like Learning to work with shame and doubt , recoding every activity with a date among others. See how many of them you can pick here


Weekly Digest


Powerful thoughts by one of pioneer modern thinkers, it is very important to challenge our own dogmas in order to become a better thinker. Only when we break the trend of thinking pattern we are able to empower ourselves to think differently. Only by constantly challenging your positions you can get out of

  1. Cause-Effect – “My boss is reason for my misery”
  2. Action-Reaction – “ Stocks are rising – lets buy”
  3. Feedback Loops/Vicious Cycles – “ I am late, I will exercise tomorrow”

Only when you challenge your own positions, you overcome above become better thinker


Finally I leave you with this article on “The 25 Most Awe-Inspiring Landmarks In The World” Nothing in the world can match the excitement of visiting these awesome places. I had a good fortune to see a couple of them. Enjoy pictures and have a blissful weekend