Tankrich as an idea has been growing in mind aspiring to come up ever since I stopped spamming people’s inbox’s with stock ideas 😀

 One of the shortcomings I felt growing as a teenager was that there was so less of “Financial Literacy’ in our curriculum. Even to date a lot of us are horrible planners and managers of our finances(Includes your truly – On course to change). Even though some of us manage large teams ,big clients and big businesses.
Then why does managing personal finances becomes so challenging – I don’t have a clear answer but perhaps having never learned it formally and sometimes not guided by parents ( out of love of course) we tend to mess up this space. (Most of the times we are plain lazy)

 So how we get around it ? – START SMALL

 Do the small things right, as small changes have big impact. It could be as rudimentary as 

  • Planning to buy your household purchases on first day of credit card cycle to enjoy maximum credit period
  •  Setting Bill reminders (like birthday reminders) on your phones and pads to never miss a bill’s due date 
  • Pre booking flights to avoid last minute “hawk” charges by Airlines 
  • Checking at retail counter every time you buy if there X% discount on a particular card 
  • Not forgetting to take your loyalty card before you shop 
  • Starting a small SIP ( Systematic Investment plan) early in your life to accumulate wealth 
  • Earning miles when you fly – Even on official trips 😀 

 Above all seem obvious (Common sense) but how many of us actually do it.   Can we start making small changes – Oh !! yes we can

 My endeavor is write two columns every month ( Starting small 😀 ) on how we can do a lot of small things in better way that makes a big impact. 

Post ideas in comment section – We can expand them in later posts

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