ID-1008415Principles have a way of settling decisons, removing ambiguity and leading us in times of uncertainity. Sharing 21 of them that will help us to be ahead of curve

  1. Discipline is king, practice makes man perfect
  2. Kill  every negative thoughts with 10 positive thoughts
  3. Fit body feeds mind – Always remember this
  4. Bad talks get more publicity than bad work – Control your tongue
  5. Preach what you practice – Old era,  Don’t Preach – New era
  6. Life guided by principles is better than life which is a wandering float
  7. Positive attitude builds positive personality
  8. Honour your word, people will respect you for that
  9. Ethics even if compromised once make you unethical – Be vigilant
  10. Never underestimate anyone, Everyone has something special
  11. Ignorance kills people – Speak if you are unhappy with someone
  12. Live with greats your idols, you are 80% of 5 people you live with
  13. Leaders are not born but made, don’t wait for permission to lead
  14. Be the best in what you do , explore possibilities and don’t pretend limitations
  15. Life is too short to be rude, Move on you will be happy
  16. Do one thing different from yesterday soon you will learn a lot of new things
  17. Ask Ask Ask – There is no dearth of knowledge, embrace it with open arms
  18. Respect  old age, opposite sex and children
  19. The root of happiness is silence
  20. Love your family and friends – They are the ones you live for
  21. Write, read extensively this will keep you young at heart

Many of them are known to us but do we integrate them in our life ?

What do you follow as prinicples in life or investing ? Let us know here or comment on our facebook page.

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