On 25th may 2014 we wrote about how traders can ride the Modi momentum in large cap companies, we created a management and momentum box, read the old post here

After 9 months, let’s look at some of the interesting data, all the quadrant has been labelled as Q1,Q2,Q3 & Q4 as per below for ease of understanding

Momentum and Mangement box_editedThis is the average returns made by all four quadrant



We wrote in May ,

“The underlying theory is simple good companies with capable management will be able to leverage the modified environment to their advantage much faster than good companies with shallow management “

It did came out true as well with Q2 having highest return to date, both Q3 and Q4 on an average were not able to beat return to date market (Sensex) returns

Another important lesson for traders is that if we are unable to pick leaders of momentum it’s better to stick to market as a vehicle for investment. On average return basis sensex was able to beat Q3 and Q4 comfortably

Within quadrants also there was huge fluctuation  between stocks giving highest returns and lowest returns to date


Finally I leave you with sectors that did well till date and predictably the so-called ‘Modi Sectors’ didn’t fare well and were not able to beat markets


What does future hold, that’s a matter of another post ;)Hope you minted money in Modified times

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