Ever wondered we get thousands of research reports in our inbox on hundreds of stocks ! How many do you read and how many go to bin ? For me most

Why ?

Very few research reports complete the impossible trinity


At Tankrich we think we can live without ‘Man with the hammer Syndrome’ as not all companies can be valued using PE nor market share analysis can alone determine Business Quality

This is our reason to start Tankrich – Research Notes, Our aim is to

  • Provide comprehensive coverage on a business w.r.t it’s business quality, management effectiveness and business valuation
  • No non sense jargon free easy to grasp content
  • Complete process to conduct research for similar companies, we give you fish and then teach you to catch them as well
  • Free sharing of documents which were used to write the research note
  • Save you at least 100+ hours of research, if you had to dig up and read information on your own

We will not produce 50 research notes in a year as our focus is clearly on depth and quality

Our first research note is on Hotel companies and specifically on The Byke Hospitality Limited 

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