One day  while waiting in a hotel lobby for a conference on capital markets  Freida bumped into me. “Hey how are you doing ” ,

I am rocking as usual – You say, What have you been up to these days and what brings you here ?. Freida still  playing with her locks, ” I am here to attend this conference hoping to get few tips to invest in markets” That sounds interesting. Freida almost immediately ignoring my remark “You  have been in markets since the time I know  you – give me some hot shot ideas to put money and make a windfall ” Ah ! I don’t have to give you ideas you are surrounded by them — All you have to do is pause and play , “What ” Freida with an inquisitive expression on her face, ” Please enlighten Guruji” Finishing the last sip of coke, I said ” Lets play the game of PP by the end of it, I am sure you will know how to find stock ideas ” Freida almost losing her drink ” You like this… ! right,  making these statements which make no sense to sane human mind – What’s PP”
 PP – is PAUSE n PLAY >> if we use this simple technique regularly in our everyday life we can unearth fantastic stock ideas. What you have to do is pause multiple times in a regular day observe ( I would suggest to keep a note book to put those observations) and than carry on. Let me show you how to use this. Can you explain how did you spent your last Friday.
Freida, ” As usually I woke up at around 7 am in morning, finished my yoga and mediation , then post brushing my teeth …” – PAUSE  Which tooth paste do you use ? ” With a weird look , ” Colgate – Why are you asking this ?” , See this is the essence of pause and play technique we have to be alert, you will understand this as we go along you go with your day now PLAY , “ after getting ready prepared my breakfast ” PAUSE –  Which company’s cookware you use ? ” Prestige” pat came the reply ,” I just love there cookware affordable stylish and very chic”  Scribbling down these names, Please continue PLAY. Freida was now getting what I was doing however she played along ” .. after finishing , I took company’s cab and after a smooth ride for forty five minutes , I entered my office premises , took lift “.. PAUSE Which company’s elevators does the company use ? Freida after thinking for a while , ” It is some weird name – Schider … ” Ah , it is Schneider Electric. PLAY and like a trained student she continued “.. i got to my system ..” PAUSE , She knew what was coming and she was very quick in her response . ” we use HCL desktops and service is contracted to some big IT vendor which i am not aware of .. ” That’s all right I am sure you can next time you will find about that Vendor, PLAY . She continued ” after a barrage of emails and I settled and finished my morning meetings,  I didn’t took a coffee break as I had to deposit some money in bank, So I made my way to the bank ..” PAUSE , Freida has picked up the game and she was enjoying it too “.. I bank with Yes Bank” , PLAY  “they are very customer friendly and provide hassle free  banking experience, I came back to office finished my pending work and went for lunch in my company canteen, I had meetings lined up through rest of day, Sometime around evening went to hang out area to have a tea..” PAUSE , Which company supplies you Tea ?, “It is Lipton” That is  part of very renowned multinational group –  Hindustan Unilever PLAY  She continued enthusiastically ” .. after tea feeling energetic finished my work and headed home, I had to buy some groceries so I stopped at Star Bazar .. ”  PAUSE I almost interrupted  her flow, Trent is the company which manages Star bazaar chain of markets . “.. Is it ? I never when down to that level of detail ” See in details lies wealth” I said with a wink in my eye, she continued PLAY ” .. after shopping for the week, I left for home and cooked food , watched TV  and retired to bed with my favorite radio channel on – Radio Mirchi ” Well you will be surprised to know that there is a company Entertainment Network India  which runs that radio channel.
Freida knew what was coming with a simple technique PP she was able to know so much about her interactions with products , services companies many of them could be good stock investments .  ” Do you know how has these companies fared in last two years ? ” I asked causally to  wake her up from her sudden found enlightenment . ” I am not sure but with many of the companies or products – I have been with them or have been using them for years ”  Let me share this chart with you I was creating this while you were narrating your day
Some of your ideas have yielded humongous  returns in stock markets in last two years . ” Does that mean I should invest in all ideas I get out of PP exercise ” I replied with the most emphatic “NO” I can utter . PP exercise is only to identify and appreciate that we are surrounded by bountiful ideas and we don’t need to go anyone for tips. However stock market investments should be done after careful research and analysis. A while before I wrote on how a retail investor can invest in markets with a help of 10 point checklist, read it here . Next time don’t pop that question – all the best investment ideas are close by all we have to do is PAUSE n PLAY 🙂
If you are making investments in the above companies or by just using PP exercise you are destined to be doomed. PP can give most amazing returns only if you choose to refine, understand and research those ideas.
So how  many ideas did you uncover with the help of PP, share your thoughts 🙂
Stay fit
Stay Tankrich
PS : Healthy Disclaimer > Ideas and stocks discussed on this blog are for educational purpose only, The author takes no responsibility for gains or losses made by investing in stocks discussed in this blog