Moneycontrol is one of my favorite personal finance website, it has greats tools to analyze stocks, however in this post I want to discuss one of the most important features of website – moneycontrol portfolio manager.

Here are five things that I use moneycontrol portfolio manager for

1. First and foremost ability to create a watch list – As an investor you will keep getting ideas here and here, the best way to store them is to add it to your watch list.


2.  Keeping a tab on the Management view of my investments – As a practice, I like to read what management of the company has to say about it’s present or future. Portfolio manager is a great place to read about all your investments at one place.


3. Brokerage recommendations – Although broker recommendations have to be taken with a pinch of salt, I like this section as many a times you will find one brokerage recommending to buy while other recommending to sell, you get diversity of opinion and kicks in tangential thought process. This also helps you to cross check your hypothesis on investments


4. Alerts – In everyday lives it is very difficult to keep constant track how are investments are doing this is where alerts become handy.  We can set price or volume alerts for our investments and act when price or volume hit a level which we are interested in. My favorite is volume alert for my watch list stocks, If I am positive on a stock and it is constantly hitting high volumes I would want to know that. SMS alerts are paid so I stick to email alerts – In age of push emails, even email alert is as good as SMS alert


5.  Portfolio performance – On a half yearly monthly basis I evaluate how my portfolio is doing compared to overall market and review my allocation decisions.  Portfolio manager currently gives you choice to compare your portfolio with 14 prominent indices. I love the hassle free comparison.

There are the other tons of features that you can utlize but above are my top five, Go create a free account of one of the best portfolio manager.


Model portfolio page is updated with this month’s performance