In general on this blog, I have not been very kind to stock market experts ( pundits,opinion baazs), you can read through some of my previous outbursts here

In late 1980s, psychologist Philip Tetlock began an important research projects of the past three decades, studying how experts make predictions, who gets things right, and who gets things wrong. His inspiration came from watching experts predict the future of the Soviet Union — an event that very, very few got right. Notably, most of those who misjudged the event wouldn’t even admit that they got it wrong. The book draws one big conclusion: Most expert predictions are the equivalent of random guesses.

The stock market is a perfect to see this unfolding every day, In this post I am showing you just one example but the place is full of such pundits

Last year around April 2016, India’s first e-commerce company was planning to list on Indian bourses (previously makemytrip and others have also listed but overseas) , The overwhelming opinion  from expert reviewers of IPO was that issue from Infibeam was untouchable

Let’s look at some of them

Some claimed, Infibeam is unsuitable for retail investors

infibeam -1


infibeam - 2

While few pointed out that this issue is for only for risk savvy investors

infibeam - 3

Others were ruthless in their analysis

infibeam - 4

when in chorus experts go at great length in using flamboyant words such as extremely negative..

infibeam - 5

Some even went ahead and said that company is not only a badly investment now but also it is unlikely to post significant profits in near future

infibeam - 6

Since all pundits were against the issue it got a luke warm response

infibeam - 7

Fast forward to 2017, the facts are different from what experts thought 🙂

Aren’t you surprised ?

The company has delivered two of the best quarters in last 4-5 years

infibeam - 8

and  the stock  has sky rocketed up 200% from its listing price

infibeam - 9

Especially  in a market which has gone no were from May 2016

infibeam - 11

I will end here with a quote from 25iq blog

“The predictions of the average expert were ‘little better than guessing,’ which is a polite way to say that ‘they were roughly as accurate as a dart-throwing chimpanzee.’ When confronted with the evidence of their futility, the experts did what the rest of us do: they put up their psychological defense shields. They noted that they almost called it right, or that their prediction carried so much weight that it affected the outcome, or that they were correct about the prediction but simply off on timing.”


Note – This post is not written to malign IPO reviewers , This is to showcase that we as investors should take forecast with a spoon of salt